The Best Coconut Oil Supplement is amazing from head to toe.  The benefits from consuming coconut oil or using it topically are pretty awesome.  I’m here to fill you in on the best coconut oil supplement I’ve found by Vita Balance. It’s a safe, naturally pure weight loss supplement that can help with weight management and maintain energy levels.

The Best Coconut Oil Supplement


Coconut Oil Supplement made with organic coconut oil

Introducing Coconut Oil by Vita Balance

Coconut Oil by Vita Balance is made of pure all natural ingredients straight from oils pressed from the dried white flesh of the coconut. Externally, coconut oil serves many beneficial roles, but internal benefits may actually outweigh the external.

The Best Coconut Oil Supplement by Vita Balance contains a unique combination of fatty acids that are thought to have a positive impact on your metabolism. Coconut oil is very rich in medium chain triglycerides. Triglycerides metabolize differently than other fats.

Triglycerides are sent straight to the liver from the digestive tract. While in the liver, they are used for energy right away or transferred into ketone bodies such as acetone, acetoacetic acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid that are produced during the metabolism of fats.

Below I have listed benefits you may acquire from using Coconut Oil supplement by Vita Balance:

  • Raises good cholesterol
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Helps reduce hunger
  • Increased metabolism and the burning of abdominal fat
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves hormone health and thyroid function


Benefits from using coconut oil

Benefits From Using Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has been used for centuries within our society. It’s known benefits can assist with health, beauty, weight loss management, and overall well-being.

Coconut oil is considered to be a “Good Fat” that is good for you to consume. It contains fats such as monounsaturated fats that are found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados.

This particular healthy fat can reduce high cholesterol, promote good cholesterol, and it digests slower which can help boost the metabolism for longer periods of time. Of course, energy burns calories and can lead to weight loss.

I’ve found during my research that coconut oil has the ability to benefit you from head to toe. Below I have listed all the great benefits studies have shown to possibly have an impact on:

1. Fights Alzheimer’s Disease – Can help overcome Alzheimer’s naturally by including coconut oil in the diet

2. Lowers blood pressure – The Omega-3 fatty acids in Coconut oil has been studied and is believed to widen your blood vessels and relieve inflammation of the arteries.

3. Fights inflammation – Coconut oil contains the 3 types of fat your body needs the help fight of inflammation:

  • Medium-chain fatty acids
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, found in wild caught salmon and chia seeds
  • Mono unsaturated fats, found in things like avocados and almonds

4. Cancer-fighting potential when following a coconut ketogenic diet along with plenty of green, leafy vegetables, and herbs. Such herbs include turmeric, another great supplement.

5. Helps boost the immune system – 75% of your immune system is located in your digestive track.

6. Coconut oil can impact memory & brain function

7. Energy & Endurance – Coconut oil can promote good cholesterol, which digests slower and can help boost the metabolism for longer periods of time.

8. Improves digestion – Adding coconut oil as well as bone broth, and herbs like licorice root, ginger root, peppermint in your diet can help improve your digestive system.

9. Eases Gallbladder disease and liver issues – The simplicity of coconut oil being easier to break down and digest easier can ease gallbladder issues.

10. Improves skin health – coconut oil is a natural hydrator of the skin.

11. Prevents gum disease & tooth decay – “Coconut Oil pulling,” can be more beneficial than flossing.

12. Prevents Osteoporosis – Coconut oil’s fats can help with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D and Vitamin K2, helping with the prevention of Osteoporosis.

13. May help improve Type II Diabetes

14. Weight Loss management – Adding 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to your diet plan; such as adding to your favorite smoothies or taking Vita Balance Coconut Oil Supplement. Click Here for one of my favorite smoothie recipes.

Here’s my YouTube video for making “CinnaSugar-n-Oats Smoothie” – Please Subscribe

Coconut Oil - Supplement Facts

Made with Natural Ingredients

Coconut Oil by Vita Balance is made with natural ingredients in the United States within an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. This ensures that products like this from Vita Balance is consistently produced to the highest possible standard. Ingredients are from both domestic and imported.

Ingredients in this great formula consist of:

Lauric Acid

Lauric Acid is the key component found in coconut oil. When lauric acid is digested in the body, it is converted into monolaurin, which can help to support a healthy metabolism.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

MCT, “Medium Chain Triglycerides”, are found in coconut oil. They metabolize rapidly and sent straight to your liver. While in the liver, they are used for energy right away or transferred into ketone bodies. MCT can help support your metabolism, assist healthy energy levels, and support your weigh loss goals.

Organic Coconut Oil

Vita Balance Coconut Oil has been certified organic by Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. This formula contains 2000 mg coconut oil per serving (2 softgels).


Increased Metabolism, burn calories, lose weight

What to Expect When Taking Coconut Oil

The incredible benefits your body will receive from taking Coconut Oil supplements include helping to boost your energy levels and supporting a healthy metabolism which can increase your progress towards your weight loss goals. Here are a list of these great benefits you may gain from taking Coconut Oil:

1. Support a Healthy Metabolism

2. Support Weight Control

3. Help Burn Calories with Thermogenics

4. Support Weight Loss

The effects gained in consuming Coconut Oil have been enjoyed almost immediately by some of Vita Balance’s customers, but can vary per individual.

Most have noticed almost immediately, feeling less bloated and lighter.Get Great Results On the Scale!

The amount of weight you can lose from taking this supplement depends on your lifestyle, healthy eating habits, exercise, and overall well-being.


Lose Weight with support from Coconut Oil

Where to buy Coconut Oil by Vita Balance

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