The most talked about, most Googled, and Best Program for 2019 is Noom weight loss! The program consists of a weight loss app that can easily be accessible 24/7. Better than that, they offer a 7-Day Trial for just $1.00!

You should try it! It's pretty awesome!


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Best Weight Loss Program for 2019

Best Weight Loss Program for 2019

This program is the best weight loss program for 2019 because it works! Join Noom and learn how to lose weight naturally and keep it off. Thousands of people all over the world are finding their weight loss with Noom a big success.


Have you Googled terms like these recently?

  • Best Weight Loss Apps
  • Best Weight Loss Shakes
  • Weight Loss support forums
  • Weight Loss Plans
  • Weight Loss Programs

Well, you have really hit home now!  Noom is the best program to try!

How many times…


How many times have you seen an ad for a new weight loss supplement or the latest fad diet that promises to help you lose weight fast? Losing weight fast sounds very appealing, but let's face the facts.


Crash diets aren't always the best!


A crash diet that will have you burning belly fat in no time or a magic pill that lets you keep anything you'd like and lose weight easily all at the same time, can't be healthy.


Yes, it's possible…


Yes, it's possible to lose weight fast, but Noom teaches you how to lose weight long-term. Meaning lose it and keep it off for good!


There are no magic pills!


Rather than buying into some commercial gimmick or magic pill, consider relying on basic science-supported techniques like these:

  • Counting your calories
  • Weighing in daily
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating mindfully
  • Keeping full of fiber and protein-packed
  • Cutting back on refined sugars and simple carbohydrates
  • Limiting calorie-laden juices and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Getting a good night's rest, practicing self-care, and minimizing
  • Engaging in the exercise of choice: cardio, strength training, or interval training

Making lifestyle changes such as those can help you lose weight just as fast as any supplement or fad diet. The best part is, with techniques like these, you'll be losing weight naturally.

Naturally lose weight!

Losing weight naturally is much healthier and easier to maintain for the long-term.

Noom uses a combination of nutrition, psychology, social support, and practical tools to help people make sustainable changes that make the most sense for their own individual preferences, circumstances, and lifestyles.

Finding the right resources to get you started in your weight loss journey can be very confusing. With so many products, diet fads, and fitness routines!

How to choose the best diet?

Noom offers a 7-Day Trial for $1, for full access to their app, database, and helpful topics that get you started outright. You will also be assigned a Goal Specialist that will help guide you along. What do you have to lose?

Lose Weight for Good with Noom!

Lose Weight for Good – Take the Quiz

First thing, you will be prompt to take a short quiz. This will help when it comes to setting up your weight loss goals.

At the end of the quiz, you will know how long it should take you to reach your goals using the Noom weight loss app.

The image below was my result from taking the NOOM quiz. (By the way, today's date is June 13, 2019)

So, basically they are saying if I follow their advice, watch my portions, and be more mindful of the foods I eat, I can lose 10 POUNDS by August 13; in two months! Naturally and for the long-term…

That's NATURALLY and for long-term!!

Lose up to 10 pounds in 2 months with NOOM!

Find out what your plan is today!

Noom- The Last Weight Loss Program You'll Ever Need

Sign up for the 7-Day Trial Today!

Sign Up for the 7-Day Trial

In 14 days, noom will start you out gradually, and feed you lots of very helpful information. It is the only course developed by world-class experts in psychology and motivation.

Noom's Healthy Weight Program Consist of:

  • Food Logging
  • Meal feedback and analysis
  • Virtual support groups
  • Nutritional tips and advice
  • Daily challenges and quizzes
  • Hundreds of original articles
  • One-on-one coaching

All of that, straight from an app on the device you cherish most, the smartphone! No matter where you go, where you're at, in a restaurant, grocery store, at a social event, or a friend's party, Noom will be there for you.

View their Food Database for thousands of healthy meals!

For only one dollar from the start, visit their food database for fresh and new meal planning ideas. The food is wonderful and hard to believe its part of healthy food options for long-term weight loss!

It even includes the Best Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe!

I already tried it!!





The food database is found under the tab “Recipes”. It's broken down into categories; Favorites, All, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

There's also a search bar where certain types of food recipes can be searched making it easier finding what you're looking for.

Here are just a few you'll find:

  • Eggplant “Lasagna”
  • Pesto Shrimp Skewers
  • Crab Cakes with Roasted Pepper Sauce
  • Apricot Grilled Shrimp








Sneak Peek from Noom's Trial

Sneak Peek of Noom's Trial

Below I will share a few things you can expect to see during the first week of the trial.

I'm cheating just a little, but really psyched about this weight loss program and want you to be too!

1st Week of Noom's 7-Day Trial

Day 1

Design “Your Big Picture” (YBP)

YBP = Your Super Goal + Your Ultimate Why + How Your Life Will Be Different

Set Goals – Short term and for long term

Start Logging the Foods eaten

[Hint: Visit the Food Database… I'm sure you'll find something delicious and easy to make!]

Day 2

Get Your Scale Out and Ready to Use

Learn when the best time is to use your scale and how often

Log foods eaten during the day

[Hint: Visit the Food Database… Yes, again. It's really wonderful!]

Day 3

Learn What to Eat and How Much to Eat

Compare Green Foods, Yellow Foods, and Red Foods; learning the differences are important!

Meet your Goal Specialist

Start using your pedometer (Fitbit, Garmin, and other devices can be synced to the app)

Log meals

Log weight

[Hint: Visit the Food Database… You can never see it all in one day! Try out the search bar!]

Day 4

Learn what type of eater you are (this is actually very helpful to know)

Learn about “Thought Distortions”; a fancy way of explaining how our evil minds convince us of things that aren't really true.

Increase steps during the day

Log meals

Log weight

[Hint: Visit the Food Database… check out their snack section!]

Day 5

Learn ways to conquer cravings

Change thought distortions with counter-

Discover ways to avoid social triggers that go against goals

Increase steps during the day

Log meals

Log weight (watch those numbers go down!)

[Hint: Visit the Food Database… Great ideas for lunch!]

Day 6

Make a calorie budget so that it stays within the daily amount

Set new goals

Increase steps during the day

Log meals

Log weight (this part really helps me stay focused on my weight)

[Hint: Visit the Food Database… Breakfast ideas look awesome; I haven't tried any of them yet.]

Day 7

Get psyched! 1st week accomplished is a big deal!

Learn psychology to shop smarter

Avoid grocery shopping when hungry, in a hurry, or tired (1st thing in the morning works great!)

Understand how planning ahead can help make better food choices

Learn portion sizes

Log weight (numbers going down!)

Increase steps

Log meals

Celebrate success!!

Week two gets even better!

Try Noom's 14 Day Trial!



Common Questions

Common Questions being Asked

Is it Worth it?

For a fraction of the cost of one visit with a nutritionist or a single workout with a personal trainer, Noom's course gives you unlimited access to a personal coach who is a behavior change professional, nutrition expert, and personal trainer all in one.

How does Noom compare to other weight loss programs?

Other weight loss programs don't tackle the thoughts, triggers, and obstacles that can sabotage your progress. Noom's approach helps you tackle the mental and emotional barriers between where you are and where you want to be.

How do I cancel my trial?

To cancel your 14-day trial just let your coach know. Easy Peasy!

How do I sync Noom with my device?

Noom can sync with most wearable devices (Fitbit, Garmin, you name it). It's easy! Once you've purchased a course, open the Noom app, tap the upper left “Home” menu. Find “Settings” then scroll to the bottom for “Apps & Devices”. Simply choose which device to connect and what data you'd like to share. Currently, they are only able to sync steps, blood pressure, glucose, and weight.






Joining Noom has it's Bonuses!

My Thoughts as a Noom App User

Well, obviously I'm pretty happy with my accomplishments so far! I'm on week 4 and lost 6 pounds so far!! I truly believe in the Noom weight loss program because it's doable and sustainable.

I love that I can still eat my sweets because that's just something I can't do without. I'm learning how to better control my temptations and monitor my portions so that I still stay within the 1200 calorie budget.

Noom is a great tool.  It's one of the best weight loss apps out there!   They provide the information and we decide how to use it in our own way. The goal specialist is there when you have questions or concerns.  They even set-up weight loss support forums making it possible to chat with others trying to lose weight and make lifestyle changes.

I hope you enjoyed this article for the “Best Weight Loss Program for 2019,” and found it informative and motivational. Please ask questions, share experiences, or make suggestions in the comment box below. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Best Wishes Always,