This year has been a doozy for personal goal setting and growth. Perhaps you've met your goals and are enjoying the solitude 2020 has offered. Or, like many, maybe you just can't wait for 2020 to end and start over in the new year. Either way, creating a dream board is an excellent way to start the year off inspired and ready to rock! Here's some great to help you get started!


                Goal Setting

Develop S.M.A.R.T goals to help you maintain momentum on your goals. S.M.A.R.T goal-setting is a great tool to use with every goal you create for .


S- Specific

Keep goals specific, simple, sensible and significant



Set metrics to measure , keep it meaningful and motivating.



Keep the goal attainable.



Goals should be reasonable, realistic, resourced and results-based.


T-Time Bound

Set time frames to goals and create benchmarks to check in on progress.



Get Creative

Keep costs and buy supplies at your local dollar store. You'll find poster board, glue sticks, craft supplies, paint and markers. Gather any magazines or old and tattered books to cut out inspirational pictures and words. Relate images to your goals and create a unique visual reminder of the goals you are working towards. If you' extra crafty, break out your medium of choice and add your own spin for extra inspiration and creativity. Make something simple, or get as elaborate as you want!


Put It Up

Put you board up where you'll see it daily. If you've got a corner in your room, stick it there so you can use mantras tailored to your goals!


Check In

Check in on benchmark days throughout the year and adjust goals as needed. Re-prioritize and re-evaluate throughout the year.


Keep It Going

At the end of the year sit in contemplation and review your successes and struggles and do it all over again for 2022!

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