Vaping impairs concentration?

New studies from University of Rochester Medical Center determines that those who vape have are more likely to report issues with concentration, memory and decision-making compared to non-vaping counterparts.


New class of antibiotics

Wistar Institute researchers have discovered a new class of compounds that block essential pathways in bacteria and activate the adaptive immune response. This discovery has potential to treat MRSA and other antibiotic resistant strains that cause sepsis and other dangerous infection.


Artifical Intelligence aids in monitoring , depression and anxiety

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke researchers use advanced genetic engineering to transform a into a new monitoring tool to observe real-time in serotonin levels.



Which mask is best for communication?

New research finds that disposable paper masks are best to allow communication, as fabric masks dampen sound. Teachers and others who need to communicate effectively may want to trade in the fancy fabric masks for those good old blue ones!


Flu case rates down in 2020… Why?

In the midst of a global pandemic, flu cases are down as Covid rates soar. More adults got the flu vaccine in pharmacies compared to previous years. Sanitation and hygiene awareness is much higher, physical contact is lower and people are more cautious.

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