Ways to get rid of belly fat


**Mid 30's to early 40's – Belly Fat Sets In

It is a known fact that as we get older our slows down.  This means we slow down.  We eat more and less making it a much slower process to lose because we are taking in more calories than we are burning off during our daily exercises.

Belly fat and increased bloating can not only cause you to have a low self-esteem, but it could also cause health issues.  Most Belly fat consist of a “Very Bad Fat” known as visceral fat.  This type of fat surrounds your organs and can cause serious health risk.  There are many foods, smoothies, detox drinks, and exercises that can help you reduce this fat as well as reducing bloating and unwanted muffin tops around your waistlines.  It's just a matter of finding the right healthy food choices and exercises for your body type.


**Your Diet Plan SHOULD Include Apple Cider Vinegar

Try this recipe for a morning detox. It will provide you with lots of energy to get you through the day as well as curve your appetite.


The cinnamon and cayenne red pepper dissolve betterCayenne Red Pepper when it's hot and it just seems to taste better.


**This detox drink is also very good for your digestive system; less bloating and less constipation.



 2 TBSP Lemon Juice (Fresh or bottled)

                         1 TSP   Cinnamon

                         1 TSP   Honey or Stevia


  • A Dash of Cayenne Red Pepper


  • Add 16 oz. of water (hot or cold), mix and drink

It also helps to take 2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar 30 minutes before each .  This can be mixed in water if preferred.

Here is a great “Burning Fat” Cookbook;

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Here's a GREAT book found at Amazon that tells all about ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar); what its good for and includes a lot of recipes for detox drinks and smoothies.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

Other Helpful TipsLove Fruit feel great!

  • Include healthy portions of “FIBER” in your everyday diet (Especially “Viscous Fibers
  • Eat more protein (This helps reduce cravings throughout the day)
  • Eat more fruitEat more Fruit and Veggies
  • Cut out all of those “CARBS” from your diet
  • 't eat and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks (This includes “Diet drinks”)Understand why you're gaining weight in your belly and learn what to eat and not eat


  • Keep a journal of what you eat during the day (This is especially helpful because if you must write it down, you are less likely to eat those “BAD for you” foods)
  • And lastly, include “EXERCISE” into your daily routine (At least 20 to 30 minutes)

Here is a GREAT link I found that elaborates more on each of these items:


A Personal Note:

      “I personally keep a daily journal not only of foods I've eaten during the day but also of my weight.  Every day when I get up, I step on the scale and record my weight in a note pad along with the date.  Of course, this is very helpful for me, because if I see that weight number not decreasing it discourages me from overeating that day.  The problem is that when I see the weight drop 1 or 2 pounds from the day before I tend to think I can reward myself for it.  I eat more during that day without feeling guilty, but then when I step on the scale the next day and see I gained back that 1 or 2 pounds I'm very upset, go figure!  It's like that old saying move 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards, not 2 steps backward and 1 step forward.  Otherwise you accomplish nothing.  So, then I think maybe there is Log your weight at least once a weeksome truth to the saying “Don't weigh everyday”.  I changed my strategy and now only weigh on Friday's.  I have noticed this does help because not knowing if I have lost weight or not from day to day sort of helps me watch what and how much I eat more during the day.  It's just a mental game you must play on yourself.  You should find what works for you.  Maybe it would work best for you to weigh on Mondays so you won't overeat during the weekend… just a thought”.



There are many benefits from exercising.   It can increase your energy levels giving your metabolism a boost.  When you have more energy, you lose more calories.  The more calories you lose, the better chance you have at losing that unwanted wait.  Exercising is also good for your muscles and bones.  Toned muscles can lead you that body you want back.

The list goes on and on for what exercise is good for;



Improved memory

Aids in preventing chronic diseases

Enhances your mood making you HAPPIER

Reduces Pain

Better sleep

Better Sex Life


Above all else, when choosing the right types of exercises, it can assist you in losing that belly fat, muffin top, , spare tire…… whatever you prefer to call it.  It's that area around our waistlines containing that excess blubber that we hate so bad.  The videos below will burn that fat and shape that body the way you want it.

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For Beginners try starting out with this 10-minute exercise video link


For more Advanced exercises try the 10-minute video below from YouTube

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