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BowFlex vs Total Gym – Discover what will benefit you the most

BowFlex vs Total Gym – Discover what will benefit you the most


Which of these home gyms would benefit you the most? They are both in the same price range making it an even more difficult decision. In this review I will talk about each of them and what their capabilities are so that it will be easier to narrow it down to the right one for you.

PR3000 Home Gym Review

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Product Features

  • Get a total body strength workout with affordable home gym; no cable needed between sets –
  • CLICK HERE to see pricing
  • Assembly time – two or three hours and requires a screwdriver, mallet, and wrench.
  • Provides as little as five or as many as 210 pounds of resistance via Bowflex Power Rods (upgradeable to 310 pounds)
  • Over 50 strength exercises; includes vertical bench press and lat pull-down
  • There are 26 exercises pictured in the owners manual
    • 4 Arm Exercises
    • 3 Chest Exercises
    • 2 Ab Exercises
    • 4 Back Exercises
    • 6 Shoulder Exercises
    • 7 Leg Exercises
    • No Cardio Row
  • Upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl, triple function ankle cuff grips
  • 300-pound maximum user ; requires 100′ x 78-inch minimum workout area.Dimension(inches):82 H x 86 W x 76 L
  • Warranty – 1 year on the Frame; 60 days on Parts; 7 years on Power Rods

Added Features and Accessories:

  • Pully System – Workout faster – more from chest to back to shoulders to legs without having to cables

Pully System

  • Resistance – Provides as little as five or as many as 210-lbs of progressive Power Rod resistance. Upgrade to 310-lbs as you get stronger


  • Versatility – 50+ full-body strength exercises allow you to target large and small muscle groups


  • Dimensions – Compact with folding bench design (workout area 10′ x 7′ x 7′)
  • Leg press plate for your lower body
  • Five-position foot harness

Optional Added Attachments (Sold separately)

  • Preacher Curl
  • Gym Style Ab

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym is for efficiency, safety and results. There are no free weight systems or weight stacks. It simply uses resistance technology that doesn’t rely on gravity. The resistance is provided by the Power Rods. The more they are bent the more they increase tension. It only comes with 210 pounds of resistance, but you can always upgrade your equipment to allow for 310-410 more pounds of resistance.

Pros and Cons

The Bowflex PR3000 is quiet and smooth during operation of the resistance system and its design is lightweight. Other benefits include three grip locations, a removable seat, and exercises that are low impact. It is also a good plus that you can purchase other optional attachments and resistance as you get more experienced. That can also be seen as a con because this machine is advertised as providing a full-body workout, but for it perform the entire range of exercises you must purchase the “optional” attachments.

Need More?

The BowFlex Revolution supports more than 100 exercises, including a comprehensive core and abs workout.




Total Gym XLS Universal Home Gym Review

Image taken from Google Images. Website:

  • Product FeaturesTotal Gym XLS is ’s top-of-the-line home system and is great for ages 8 to 80 – the entire family can get a full-body workout on 1 machine. Works with all fitness levels from beginner to advanced
  • CLICK HERE for pricing
  • Includes Wing Attachment, Leg Pull Accessory, Ribbed Squat Stand, 5 Workout DVDs, Chart, Training Deck, and Nutritional/Meal Planning Guide
  • A 400 lb. weight capacity and over 80 exercises to work all of your major muscle groups – cardio, strength training, circuit training and stretching, all on one machine
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 19 W x 90 L x 43 H inches, dimensions Folded: 19 W x 51 L x 9 H inches
  • No assembly required, universal home gym folds for easy storage, Protected by a 6-month warranty on all parts plus a Lifetime Warranty on the frame

This product has tons of beneficial qualities and has maintained its good name honestly. They continuously update their equipment making sure it provides the best customer experience. The upgrades include a new pulley and cable system, and improved squat stand, added comfort in the padding on the glide board, and comes with several handy accessories that add a new dimension to your workout.Image taken from Google images. Link

Accessories included:

  • Leg Pull – Works your quads, hamstrings, and other muscles
  • Flexible Nylon Strap Handles & Wing Attachment – For toning various back and arm muscles
  • An introductory Total Gym XLS workout
  • 6-8 Minute Workout: 12 Work-along workouts for men and women
  • Smart Training Workout consisting of slow, precise movements to target specific muscles
  • Body Makeover for Total Gym – High-energy, high-powered workout
  • Wall chart with 35 exercises
  • Total Gym Training deck
  • Nutritional program and meal plans by Dan Isaacson

What’s left to say after reading those product features and included accessories?

This product is great and offers a full body workout that can benefit men, women, and children from ages 8 to 80. They thought of everything even “Saving Space”. Not all of us have a room we can designate solely for our workouts. Total Gym has designed this equipment so it folds for easy storage, no assembly required and works nearly every body part, while taking up very little space. They strive to make their consumers HAPPY!

Great Equipment, Great Experiences

**The Total Gym brand is trusted by more than 4 million consumers to provide excellence in product design and functionality.


Pros and Cons

The Total Gym XLS has many benefits. It uses different percentages of your body weight for customized resistance. It is low impact on joints compared with weight stack gyms. This product comes with a lot of additional accessories such as exercises, DVD’s, meal plan, wall chart displaying exercises, leg pull, and the flexible nylon strap handles & wing attachments. When researching, you can also expect to see excellent customer reviews and a $1 trial/money-back guarantee.

The only cons I really found are; you would need a DVD player or computer in the room where you plan to set your Total gym up in order to use the provided videos. Also, you’ll notice that the warranty coverage on the parts is less than what you will actually pay.


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About The Author


I live in North Carolina and I recently graduated in May 2017, from Davidson County Community College with a degree in Network and Cyber Security. I love working on websites and doing research which brings me here. I didn’t know much about fitness and everything involved in it to be fit. I soon realized that being in my 40’s and staying in shape is going to take a lot more work and support. That’s when I decided to build my website around my personal problem areas, with hopes that I will not only get rid of mine, but help others as well.


  1. Devara

    Hello Everyone,
    After doing this review comparing the two home gyms, if I were going to buy one of these it would be the Total Gym XLS. Its definitely a plus in my book that there is no assembly and everything you need is included unlike the Bowflex gym. Also, another great feature is that it folds up and can fit in small areas. This is only my opinion. I would love to hear yours. Please leave me feedback below. I would love to hear from you.

  2. oneal

    Nice. Very clean and in depth.

  3. Devara

    Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you enjoyed my reviews.

  4. Eiko

    I know more people who opt for the Total Gym XLS or some sort of variant because of the convenience of space and utility. And because they’re not extreme athletes, so they don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to their workout, just a reliable method that they prefer.

    The Bowflex, I hear, is good in theory, but someone who dedicated to fitness will outgrow the provided strength levels pretty quick, and that’s when either upgrading or turning to a different source of strength training is needed.

    But again, it’s up to the person. If having the fancy BowFlex or the Total Gym XLS is the thing that gets them working out, then they are both a good workout method.

    • Devara

      Hello and thanks for visiting my site. Thanks for the honest comment. I’m one of those people that don’t have to have the high dollar, fancy, exercise equipment to get the job done. I’m more for going what is easiest to use and still helps me meet my fitness goals. Personally, the convenience of being light weight and compact lures me in more for the Total Gym XLS.
      Best of luck,


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