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Stick with me here and you will be less reluctant when choosing Noom to advance into your new weight loss journey!

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Noom Weight Loss Reviews - What it's all about!

Noom Weight Loss Reviews

If you Google “Noom Weight Loss Reviews”, you' sure to discover many reviews concerning this program. Some of which include;

  1. How Noom Works?
  2. How Noom is different than other diet plans?
  3. What is Noom?
  4. Honest Noom review after completing the whole program.
  5. What you need to know about the weight-loss app Noom, according to a dietitian.
  6. Can it help you lose weight?

Before searching through all of those, let me just clue you in on some fast facts, skipping all the little details.

Noom is NOT a “Lose weight fast” program!

Noom wants to teach you how to enter into a new weight loss journey where you can lose weight naturally and keep it off!

Their mission:

Lose Weight the Smart Way!

Lose Weight the Smart Way with Noom weight loss app!

Rather than buying into some commercial gimmick, they want you to consider relying on basic science-supported techniques like these:

  • Counting your calories
  • Weighing in daily
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eating Mindfully
  • Keeping full of fiber and protein-packed meals
  • Cutting back on refined sugars and simple carbohydrates
  • Limiting calorie-laden juices and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Getting a good night's rest, practicing self-care, and minimizing your stress
  • Engaging in your exercise of choice: cardio, strength training, or interval training

These simple principles can help you lose weight just as fast as any supplement or fad diet.

The best part is, these techniques teach you how to lose weight naturally.

Here's the kicker…

How do you make this kind of weight loss last?

With fast weight loss, it's so easy to get wrapped up in focusing solely on the number on the scale.


Disappointed with the number on the scale




Noom aims for a very specific weight loss target; 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or maybe more. And chances are, anyone that's looking to lose weight quickly isn't hoping that they'll regain those pounds the following week and have to do it all over again.

But oftentimes with fast weight loss, that's exactly what happens since we're focusing on quick fixes rather from the long-term behavior changes that make the most sense for our own lives.

Plus, when making so many drastic changes all at one time, it's not unusual to begin feeling overwhelmed or like we're having to sacrifice too much of ourselves, our time, and our favorite .

So maybe you are one of the ones looking for fast weight loss techniques or even tried it before, lost weight, and then gained it all back.

This can be a bit overwhelming when tackling these unsuccessful weight loss rituals.

  1. Where do I start?
  2. Which one is most important?
  3. What the heck is eating mindfully anyway?

The good news is, Noom realizes that people have these concerns and issues about meeting their weight loss goals.

This program is designed to help guide you to the answers

At Noom, they know and understand there's not always one best approach to weight loss that works for absolutely everybody. So instead of prescribing a strict diet or exercise regimen, Noom will help you learn how to create your own personal food and exercise systems that allow you to lose weight and continue enjoying all of your favorite foods and at the same time.

It's true, with a little balance and moderation, you can have it all!

Noom's program consists of customized courses just for you along with coaches who will help take things step-by-step walking you through each of the evidence-based weight loss techniques I noted earlier.

If this isn't convincing enough, try the 7-Day trial starting today for just $1.00!

Start Your New Weight-Loss Journey Today!


Why the Weight Loss App is Worth it?

Why the Weight-Loss App is Worth It

Every day brings newer, slicker, smarter apps attempting to meet the shifting challenges of streamlining our lives and improving our well-being.

So if you're looking to lose weight or improve your general fitness, you've surely come across an app for calorie counting.

And if you've tried a calorie counting app, you've probably come to the conclusion as most dieters – they don't really work. They might even leave you feeling tricked.

Of course, it's not necessarily the case that calorie counting apps are built with bad intentions, it's just that losing weight is so much more complex than calories alone.

Exercise, fitness, mental health, and self-care, community support, expert guidance, thoughtful meal planning… it's all a part of the bigger weight loss picture.

That's why weight loss requires hands-on support, motivation, and commitment, in order to be sustainable.

Counting calories itself just isn't enough.

So why is the weight-loss app worth it?

The Noom app, in particular, is worth it because not only are you using it to keep track of your calories, but it will also keep you in line by displaying colorful charts containing the food categories the foods you eat fall under.

This help's let you know areas that need to be worked on, whether it be eating more from the Green category, or less from the Yellow and Red categories.

Your Mental Health

The Noom app offers behavioral and psychological courses that can help lead to healthier habits and food , giving the support needed for making long term success and maintaining weight loss.

Expertise & Community

Human interaction, real nutrition advice, and coaching are very important when considering long-term progress and success. Once again, as part of the Noom program, this is just another part of the app that can offer this sort of support.

Don't settle for a platform that only offers boilerplate responses that don't apply to you!

Too many apps fall short of that personal touch by cutting corners with automated computer responses, delayed email correspondence, or just not responding at all.

You want programs such as Noom that seem flexible in their approach to assisting you and use genuine language in wanting to service your individual needs.

Make sure the plan caters to any health concerns and dietary restrictions you have.

Ease of Use and Inclusiveness

You shouldn't have to piecemeal together your efforts with different logins, passwords, and interfaces. You need an app that can meet all of your needs in one place.

An app, or any weight loss system that only offers calorie counting and nothing more, means you have to get everything else; moral support, expert-level nutrition advice, coaching, high-tech tools, and resources, in other places that can be pretty time consuming and overwhelming. A set-up for failure!

Noom has them all in one place!

  • Calorie Counting
  • Food Categories
  • Coaching
  • Support Groups
  • Huge Food Database loaded with healthy
  • Courses that teach mindful eating techniques
  • 24-hour access

And so much more!

Calorie counting alone just isn't enough!

Noom delivers weight loss through a framework of psychology and community. It adapts to individual lifestyles and serves as a high level, expert resource; not a one-size-fits-all “diet” — a word not even in Noom's vocabulary.

When using apps, if not Noom, look for that stays ahead of the curve in digital health, convenience, and digital hospitality.

It takes a community, access to practitioners and coaches, and easy-to-access client care to be successful!

Check out Noom today for an approachable weight loss plan that accounts for your individuality, lasting weight loss, and is there for you every step of the way.



'My' Psychology-Based Evaluation

“My” Psychology-Based Evaluation

Just to give you a little more insight on what you can expect to see from the short customized psychology-based evaluation, I'll share with you my input to their questions and how my weight loss journey profile looks.

These questions are based on “Me, Myself, & I”.

1. What is the ideal weight that you want to reach?

Ideal weight, “My Goal”: 128 pounds


2. What's your height and weight?

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Current weight: 141


3. What is your gender?


4. What is your age?

48 years old


Noom creates long-term results through and behavior change, not restrictive dieting!

Women in their 40s such as myself, who want to reach an ideal weight between 118 pounds and 138 pounds need a slightly different strategy depending on their current lifestyle..

In this instance, I had a few statements to choose from that describes me best;

  • My diet and activity need a lot of work
  • I have some healthy habits
  • I mostly eat well and stay active

Well, I used to be able to say “I mostly eat well and stay active” but not anymore. 🙁

My current position in life; “I have some healthy habits” but need a fresh new start.

As a woman in your 40s such as myself, there is a specific combination of foods that I can eat and will have a huge impact on the fat-burning process.

During my Noom evaluation, I was asked to describe my typical lunch.

  • I tend to eat sandwiches and/or wraps
  • I tend to eat soups and salads
  • Other

Might I point out, I'm a 3rd shift worker and my mealtimes are different from the greatest percent of the population.

For the three choices, I would have to go with, “I tend to eat sandwiches and/or wraps” for my typical lunch.

In addition to what I eat, the next question was, “how often do I eat?”

How often one eats can greatly impact your metabolism.

With this evaluation based on myself and weight loss goals, I had to choose one of these that pertained to my ;

  • I almost always eat 3 or fewer meals per day
  • I almost always eat at least 3 meals, plus several snacks a day
  • It depends on – sometimes less than 3 meals, sometimes more than 3

My response:

“I almost always eat 3 or fewer meals per day”.



Testimonial from Jennifer

Testimonial from Jennifer

“Sticking to a plan can be hard, but Noom makes it easy!

Noom fits into my lifestyle perfectly. I can turn to the Noom app on my phone day or night and their there for me!”


People who use Noom and adopt a healthy lifestyle can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.


Continuing on with the evaluation…

Do you have any significant back issues?

I have some back issues, but for the most part I wouldn't say they were significant.

No, I do not have any significant back issues.

I was then prompt with a series of potential health risk that I might suffer from;

  • Heart Disease or Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • NASH
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Kidney Disease
  • Depression
  • Other
  • None

Thankfully I've been very blessed with good health and was able to choose “None”.

Next question;

Have you ever been diagnosed with or received treatment for diabetes?

Nope, not me

Have you taken any antibiotic medication in the last 2 years?

Yelp, of course! Who hasn't?

As a woman in your 40s, your environment plays a major role in your ability to lose weight. Which best describes the area you live in?

  • The country
  • The suburbs
  • A major city

My answer;

“The country”.

Up next;

Preparing my results…

Keep in mind, Noom has helped 32,905 women in their 40s successfully reach their target weight!


Next, I was prompt to enter my email to see how much weight I can lose for good with Noom.

Here were my results based on my answers;

Wow! It's hard to believe, but according to Noom's evaluation, following their program, I should be able to reach my goal weight by April 1st this year!

Just so you know, it is publicly acclaimed that Noom is the last weight loss program you'll ever need!

Take your survey and see when you can reach your goal weight? I bet you'll be as surprised as I was!



Testimonial from Emily

Testimonial from Emily

I believe that it's different because it incorporates science based facts about why we do what we do? It also seems like they can READ my mind. As soon as I hit a brick wall in my progress up comes another troubleshooting tip to keep me focused on the long-term goal. It inspires you. It inspires me.





Noom Weight-Loss is Trusted Here!

Used By Leading Hospitals & Health Plans

  • Aetna
  • EmblemHealth
  • Allianz
  • Aurora Health Care
  • NewYork-Presbyterian

NOOM is Featured in Popular Magazines

Consumer Reports

Featured in Consumer Reports

Women's Health

Featured in Women's Health magazine




Featured on

The New York Times

Featured in The New York Times





Testimonial from Jamie

Testimonial from Jamie

Okay. The moment that I knew that Noom was working for me was not craving sweets, sugars, carbohydrates. I was able to look at fruit and vegetables in the same way that I used to look at cookies and cake and look forward to eating healthy foodsContent goes here.

Hello, I'm Devara. Thanks for stopping by!

Authors Note

During my spill for Noom Weight Loss Reviews, I failed to mention how easily you can sync your wearable devices, such as Fitbit, Garmin, among others.

It's super easy!

Once you've purchased a course, open the Noom app, tap the upper left “Home” menu. Find “Settings” then scroll to the bottom for “Apps & Devices”. Simply choose which device to connect and what data you'd like to share.

Currently, they are only able to sync steps, blood pressure, glucose, and weight.

My Opinion

I truly believe in the Noom weight loss program because it's doable and sustainable!

I love that I can still eat my sweets and drink my wine. Those are two things I just can't do without! LOL

I'm learning how to better control my temptations and monitor my portions so that I still stay within my 1200 calorie budget.

Noom's App is a great tool! It's one of the best weight loss apps out there! They provide the information and we decide how to use it in our own way. The goal specialist is there when you have questions or concerns. They even set-up weight loss support forums making it possible to chat with others trying to lose weight and make lifestyle changes.

I hope you enjoyed this article for “Noom Weight Loss Reviews” and found it informative and motivational.

Please ask questions, share experiences, or make suggestions in the comment box below. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Best Wishes with Noom!

Noom- Making Healthy Living Easy