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Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk

Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk

This amazing Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk is so delicious. It’s a great meal replacement for breakfast or lunch.

Enjoy the wonderful blend of pumpkin pie spices, puree, vanilla flavoring, protein, and topped with creamy whipped topping.

Healthy, full-filling, protein-rich, and perfectly formulated to help kick-start your day!


Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk

Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk

223 calories / 5.9 gr fat / 15.5 carbs / 26.4 gr protein


To Print Recipe: Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk



How to Prepare:


  1. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until creamy and thick.
  2. Add more ice if necessary, to reach the desired thickness.



This smoothie should be made in a large blender. It makes too much for a single serving blender cup as you will see in the video.

I personally love my Ninja blender! Check it out on eBay! You’ll love it too!


Drink and Enjoy!



Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk


Nutrition Facts:

Nutrition Facts Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie w/ Almond Milk
Calories 223
Total Fat 5.9 grams
Saturated Fat 1.1 grams
Cholesterol 35 mg
Sodium 252 mg
Carbohydrates 15.5 grams
Sugars 7 grams
Protein 26.4 grams
Potassium 375 mg
Fiber 5 grams







Blueberry and Yogurt Smoothie with Cinnamon & Oats

Blueberry and Yogurt Smoothie

with Cinnamon & Oats


If you enjoyed the creamy pumpkin smoothie with almond milk, you may be interested in another creation of mine.

This smoothie is one of my favorites!

For the full recipe: Blueberry and Yogurt Smoothie w/ Cinnamon & Oats







Hello, I'm Devara! Thanks for stopping by!

Authors Note

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do. They are both delicious and easy to make. If you are looking for a healthy meal replacement that are rich in protein, these make a perfect match!

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or opinions in the comment section. I’ll respond promptly!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



About The Author


I live in North Carolina and I recently graduated in May 2017, from Davidson County Community College with a degree in Network and Cyber Security. I love working on websites and doing research which brings me here. I didn’t know much about fitness and everything involved in it to be fit. I soon realized that being in my 40’s and staying in shape is going to take a lot more work and support. That’s when I decided to build my website around my personal problem areas, with hopes that I will not only get rid of mine, but help others as well.


  1. Strahinja

    I love to prepare pumpkin smoothies but this is the first time I read about taking it with almond milk. This is a great combination not only because of health benefits, but the taste of these two must be extraordinary.

    I can’t wait to give it a try.

    • Devara

      Hello Strahinja,
      I love this Creamy Pumpkin Smoothie with Almond Milk!! I really haven’t tried it with any other ingredient. If you don’t mind sharing, I would like to know how you make yours. I like trying new ways of making smoothies.
      Thanks for your feedback. I look forward to hearing your response.

      Best of health,

  2. Jesse Lee

    This looks like a tasty and healthy recipe!
    I like that this recipe calls for using Whey Protein because this what I use in my smoothies right now and it works great for giving my smoothies a healthy boost of protein.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how many calories are in this smoothie.
    I look forward to trying this recipe out.
    Thanks for this delicious recipe!

    • Devara

      Hello Jesse,
      Thanks for the feedback! I love using whey protein in my smoothies. It makes them more filling and with fewer calories.
      This particular smoothie is delicious and one of my favorites!
      I do have other recipes on here for smoothies, but not using whey protein. Maybe you would be interested in some of them as well;

      Thanks for the comment! I look forward to hearing back from you.

      Best of health,


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