New Mediterranian

By modifying the mediterranian diet to replace red meat with protiens, you may maximize the anti-inflammatory benefits of this popular dietary craze. Researchers have found additional cardiovascular and metabolic benefits with this small .


Serotonin Promotes Patience

Researchers have discovered a link between the regions of the brain that produce serotonin and the human capacity for patience. Though not yet fully understood, this opens areas of study to further explore and understand this important human ability to endure difficult circumstances.


Offset the ramifications of sitting behind a desk

Researchers recommend that those who work at desk jobs and have to sit for long periods of time aim to increase physical activity.


Gratitude Increases Happiness, Reduces

Mindful gratitude increases optimism and overall happiness, as well as helps to regulate stress.


CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting your home


Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a comprehensive cleaning guide to ensure your home is germ-free.