As we embark on our wellness journey and eliminate foods and habits that do not nourish us, our bodies may react to those changes. We may experience sugar withdraw or carbohydrate withdraw, our mood may be irritable and we may experience intense . How, then, can we manage these cravings and reactions? Below you'll find 8 easy ways to bust cravings!


 Identify and Manage Your Emotions

Cravings can be tied to our emotional state. If we are able to identify situations and emotions that lead us to engage in emotional eating, we can fill the need rather than the craving.


A Glass of Water

By drinking water, we can convince our belly it's not as empty as it thinks it is.

Emre Gencer

Emre Gencer

Drink Some or

Coffee, and caffeine specifically, can aid in suppressing cravings, but skip the sugar. Green Tea delivers a lower dose of caffeine, with the added benefits of lowering , protecting against heart disease, and it's full of antioxidants.


Practice Mindfulness or Meditation

When we' stressed out, our bodies produce cortisol, which leads to cravings of sugar and carbohydrates. By engaging in that lower our stress levels and our cortisol levels, we can reduce the urgent cravings for those foods.


Brush Your Teeth!

Brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash represses the urge to eat, as most foods don't taste good and are less appetizing with a minty fresh mouth.

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Play Casual Video Games

Cravings typically last for about ten minutes. By distracting your mind with a visually stimulating game on your phone, you can reduce the intensity of your cravings.


Map Your Cravings

If there's a certain situation or even time of day that cravings tend to hit you, plan ahead with a healthier alternative or take a walk at that time. If you're in a situation where there will be tempting foods, indulge in moderation. Take a bite or two of that cake, but do it mindfully.


Avoid Excessive Calorie Restrictions

Ensure you are eating balanced and nutrient dense foods with plenty of fiber so that you feel full longer.