Baby for Change

Long-lasting change can feel like a struggle. Breaking change up into small, achievable baby steps can help us build confidence. This leads towards us making those bigger changes in our . This week we explore a handful of baby steps we can make to kick off our journey. Pick one or two to try this week!

Starting our day with a large glass of with lemon is a great way to get a sleepy, sluggish digestive tract running smoothly. Lemon is an astringent fruit, and though lemon juice is acidic, but once metabolized becomes alkaline at a pH of well over 7. Lemon aids in of other foods, allowing for maximum nutrient extraction, and is high in pectin, a prebiotic that feeds healthy gut bacteria.

Skip the juice

Store-bough fruit juice is chock-full of additives, preservatives and sugars. Instead, try making your own whole fruit smoothies at home! Greek yogurt, honey and almond milk mixed with favorite fruits can make for a great breakfast drink. Another great alternative is herbal tea, especially ones that support digestion and detox. Digestive and detoxifying teas include dandelion, , lemon and peppermint. Add a splash of raw honey, which is also prebiotic and good for your gut.

Don't skip desert!

Don't deny yourself a delicious desert but be mindful of portions. If you love chocolate, try a cacao mousse rather than a big piece of chocolate cake. Explore recipes that include your favorite flavors with more raw ingredients and make your favorites at home.

Slowly Swap Processed

When shopping this week, choose one food to replace with an unprocessed alternative. Next week, try two. Slowly transition as you grow accustomed to cooking with new foods and figure out what will work best for you.