Change is a challenge, even for those of us with the greatest willpower.  Studies show that too much change too quickly can lead to burn out, backsliding and ultimately, failure. This is especially true when it comes to fad diets. How then, do we approach change in a way that is sustainable and long-term?

Sustainable Change

The adage is “slow and steady wins the race.” This can be applied by breaking the changes we want to make into small steps that allow for gradual change, paving the way to an increase in self-confidence and positive outlook on bigger changes and choices.

A perfect example of small change would be soda . Swapping soda for may seem daunting to someone who consumes 6 cans of Coke a day but dropping down to 4 sodas a day can be a good start, as it eliminates almost 100g of carbohydrates and nearly 300 calories from daily intake. The following week or even two weeks, dropping another two cans a day that carbohydrate and excess caloric intake even further.

It is a known fact that sodas can leech minerals from our bones, disrupt our gut biome and cause metabolic disorders.  Cutting back on soda intake and substituting water may seem less palatable, but the effects of rehydrating the body can be felt and seen quickly. Positive effects of staying hydrated include increased energy levels, improved brain function, decreases risk of kidney stones, helps muscles and joints to work better and can promote cardiovascular , to name a few. If you do not like the taste of water, try adding fresh fruit or herbs like mint, or add in water drops! Make these changes gradually over a month or so and document the changes you notice and your reactions to those changes. Continue logging your habit change and the challenges that come up in your journey.

Not everyone will have such seemingly daunting changes to make, like with a soda habit, but it is key to identify what small changes will benefit you most and how to make those changes even easier for yourself. If you love sweets, do not start by eliminating dessert completely. Instead, savor the experience of eating your dessert and enjoy it slowly and mindfully, while learning more about healthy portions and reading those labels! If salty snacks are your thing, play with flavor instead, by adding spices and seasonings without the extra sodium for a savory and satisfying experience. Be mindful of what your body is craving and explore choices that honor those while challenging and changing the habit.

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