Daily is recommended by physicians the world over to keep us and fit. Unfortunately, with the busy lives we lead in this day and age, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to bust a sweat. Not everyone making healthy will be gung-ho about hitting the gym right off the bat. It can take a while before the habit sets in and it starts feeling good. And when it comes to building a new habit like exercise, mental blocks and attitudes can be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Here are some tips to get you hyped to get fit!

Figure Out What Works For You

Don't force yourself to do something you hate! If you're an extrovert, find an exercise class or join a recreational sports league! If you're more introverted, explore solo sports and exercises like , biking or swimming. If you're a night owl, hitting the gym well after the 5pm rush will benefit you more than trying to get up at 5am for a bootcamp.

Schedule Your Workout

You'll be more likely to procrastinate and put off your workout if you don't have time built into your schedule. Set reminders, write it in your planner, do what you have to so you show up.

Give it time

For many, starting something new can be intimidating. It may take you a while to get into the groove. Give yourself time to adjust to your new workout setting. You may be sore for a while, but eventually you'll start feeling at home and enjoy your new routine!

Don't Give Up!

You might miss a workout or two, but as long as you return to your routine, you wont momentum. If you find yourself skipping your workout altogether, then it's time to switch it up and find something you enjoy! If walking the treadmill isn't cutting it, maybe try a local ! If you find you hate yoga, try a dance class or weightlifting! There's endless ways to get your heartrate up, just don't give up!

Let us know your favorite workout and share your tips to staying fit!