Though CBD is touted as a cure-all, there is no research backing this wonder-drug a miracle for disease. It will, however, treat symptoms like pain and nausea in patients who have not extensively used opioid-based pain killers.



Healthier Slashes Risk of Heart Disease

One study published in European Heart Journal — Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes, estimates that 69 percent of ischemic heart disease related deaths worldwide could be prevented if healthier diets were adopted.


Trauma and

Increasing time spent sleeping after a traumatic event may ease negative consequences and effects. This study's findings may benefit first responders, military personnel, victims of violence, natural disaster and accidents.


Metabolic in Night Shift Workers

New research reveals possible cause of the negative metabolic effects of working the graveyard shift. Nightshift work can increase risk of diabetes and obesity, and up until now, the cause has been a mystery. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/10/201022123116.htm