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Will Ginger Help You Lose Weight?

Will Ginger Help You Lose Weight?

Awesome News About Ginger! You may be one who has asked, “Will Ginger Help You Lose Weight?” Ginger increases your metabolism, helps you burn calories, and will keep you full and satiated longer.

It’s also and amazing appetite suppressant! Let me fill you in on the news about this great root.


Will Ginger Help You Lose Weight?

Will Ginger Help You Lose Weight?


Ginger is known to increase the temperature of your body causing a thermogenic effect. This can help boost your metabolism, causing your energy levels to increase and burn more calories.

The ginger root herb contains a type of caffeine that helps with weight loss and naturally provides you with energy.


  • Aids in digestion – Ginger can help speed up the digestion process of the stomach
  • Appetite Suppressant – Ginger is great for suppressing the appetite
  • Expands Blood Vessel’s – Ginger can expand blood vessel size causing an increase in body temperature. This allows the body to burn more fat.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory which leads to a faster recovery time between workouts.
  • Provides Energy – Adding Ginger to you daily diet will help you feel more energized, mentally focused, and can aid in vitality.


Most commonly, ginger is used in teas and lemon water. I will provide you with some great recipes further down the page for ways to use ginger for helping you achieve your weight loss goals.






Ginger & Turmeric Benefits

Benefits from Ginger and Turmeric blended together!


Both Ginger and Turmeric are powerful spices that have been used widely throughout history. There are many medical purposes and medicinal properties from each of these herbs.


As supplements, ginger and turmeric have been used to treat various physical ailments such as joint pain, inflammation, and aid in the prevention of certain cancers. Both are also known for their weight loss benefits.


The power from the two of these great spices go beyond what I can cover in this one article, but you get the idea.


Ginger and Turmeric both have antioxidant properties that contribute to their ability to help to prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, reduce stomach problems, suppress hunger, and aid with detoxing the body.


Ginger can fight body fat, Obesity, and Diabetes

How Ginger can Fight Body Fat, Obesity, and Diabetes


Ginger root came from Southeast Asia and from there it was traded around the world. Most commonly, ginger is served as a hot tea or in a lemon water mixture, but it has been added to soups, sauces, and stir-fried vegetables as well.


Drink ginger as a tea or in water to fight body fat, obesity, and diabetes. Ginger tea helps boost up your digestive system increasing the absorption of food and decrease bloating after eating too much. This superfood plays a role in fat burning, digesting carbs, insulin secretion, and many other benefits.


The fat-burning properties and insulin secretion of ginger are just some properties that give this herb its anti-obesity effects.


Here’s a quote I found from Time Guide to Weight Loss website:


“The evidence for these benefits is stronger in animal and test-tube studies than it is in people, the authors point out. When fed to rats, for example, ginger has been shown to significantly reduce body weight and systemic inflammation, lower cholesterol and blood sugar and protect against the harmful effects of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.”


Reducing body fat and obesity helps protect the body from Diabetes. There have been animal studies on obese rats with diabetes. The animals were given a mixture of cinnamon and ginger. Those rats experienced things like:


  • Reduced body weight
  • Reduced body fat mass
  • Decreased blood sugar levels
  • Increased insulin levels


Ginger can help with digestion and reduce nausea

Health Benefits from Ginger Root


There are so many health benefits from ginger root. This article could be 20 pages long if I went in depth with each of its benefits, but I’ll try to provide you a short version of each health benefit that have been proven.


  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduces Arthritis Pain
  • Relieves Muscle Pain
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Prevents Menstrual Cramps
  • Relieves Nausea
  • Treats Diarrhea
  • Relieves Excess Gas
  • Aids in Digestion


Ginger contains the compound gingerol, a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. These anti-inflammatories are important because they can help heal injuries and illnesses quicker and reduce inflammation.


The anti-inflammatory properties found in ginger, relieve muscle and joint pain, including arthritis and menstrual pain.


Ginger is widely known to help sooth an upset stomach, relieve bloating and gas associated with sickness, menstrual, food allergies, or stomach ulcers.


** Relieves Asthma

There have been studies showing that the chemical components found in ginger along with the traditional asthma medicines, may help reduce tightening of muscles around breathing passages.


** Liver Protection

There have been studies showing that ginger’s medicinal properties are well-known to herbalists causing many health benefits, some pertaining to liver health.


** Treats Cold and Flu, & Prevents Infection

Lemon, honey, and ginger are commonly combined in hot water and sipped on to help with cold and flu like symptoms. Consuming fresh ginger regularly has also been known to help fight bacterial infections, reduce swelling, and improve the overall health and well-being.


** Prevents Cancer

Ginger has powerful medicinal properties and may protect against colorectal cancer and ovarian cancer.


** Controls Diabetes, Prevents Obesity, Boosts Heart Health

Ginger can reduce cholesterol, lowering the risk of blood clotting, and helping to maintain health blood sugar levels. Reducing these can greatly help with controlling diabetes, preventing obesity, and will boost your heart health.


** Detoxifies the Body

Ginger is thought to cleanse the body by stimulating digestion, circulation, and sweating. Its digestive actions may serve to cleanse the build-up of waste and toxins in the colon, liver, and other organs. (source)


** Skin Care

Ginger can reduce the appearance of hypo pigmented scars. Applying fresh ginger onto the skin areas that are lacking color or scared, and let the juice dry once or twice a day. After a few weeks you should start seeing improvements and after a few months, your scar will be barely noticeable.


** Increases Sexual Activity

Herbs such as ginger may help male impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction


** Improves Cognition

Studies have shown that the natural medicines found in ginger may help improve memory and boost cognitive ability.


Top Health Benefits of Ginger Root by Dr. Axe



Recipes with Ginger

How to Use Ginger for Weight Loss

==> Great Recipes Using Ginger <==


There are many great recipes for using ginger, but the most common ways are in hot tea or lemon water. Before using ginger, you want to remove the brown skin by scraping or peeling it off.


It can then be minced and added to stir-fries, smoothies, or salad dressings.


Ginger is great with soy sauce, garlic and salmon as well, but for using ginger to help with weight loss, is generally added to a drinkable mixture of some sort. I have listed some recipes below that might interest you.  🙂


Ginger and Lemon water (served cold)


Lemons are packed with vitamin C; more vitamin C and will keep your skin healthier, aid in digestion, and can help you lose weight, so why not mix it with Ginger and get extra benefits?


Besides the extra vitamin C, lemons also provide a healthy serving of potassium, magnesium, copper, and some protein. Below you will find the ingredients for Ginger and Lemon Water, served cold.



  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 Fresh Lemon, Squeezed
  • Add grated ginger


Using a blending bottle, add ice cubes, water, lemon juice, and grated ginger. Shake it up and drink.


Dragon’s Breath Ginger Shot (for the brave)


This is one super drink you won’t regret finding, but it’s only for those brave soles that can handle a little kick. So we now known Lemons are great for you, your health, and aiding in weight loss. The magic beauty behind ginger can lead to weight loss and then there’s cayenne peppers


If you remember those from an earlier article, cayenne peppers are great for weight loss because they can boost your metabolism and reduce hunger. This is where the “brave” part fits in. These bright red peppers may have a few super powers, but they come with a kick.


By combining lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper together in one shot drink, the Dragon’s Breath Ginger Shot found at Good Food Stories website. This one shot drink is powerful enough to fight colds and viruses, ward off hangovers, and supply as much energy as an espresso can.



  • 2 lemons – washed and cut in half
  • 1 2-inch piece of fresh ginger, washed
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • Blend using a juicer or Ninja blending cup. Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the juice to remove lemon pulp and ginger pieces.


Add the cayenne pepper, stir into the lemon and ginger mixture, and then pour into your shot glass. Drink the shot all at once and feel the blast of power it supplies!


Hot Ginger Tea



  • 2 inch long pieces of ginger root, peeled and finely grated
  • 1 cup of Water
  • Honey (sweeten as desired)



  1. Add water to a small pot and bring water to a boil.
  2. Add grated ginger root to the boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Using a small strainer, strain the ginger water into a mug.
  4. Add the desired amount of honey according to taste.
  5. This recipe is best to drink warm.


Lemon, Cucumber, and Ginger Detox



  • 1/2 lemonWater infused with Cucumber, lemon, ginger
  • 6 slices of cucumber
  • 1 inch peeled ginger
  • Add 20 ounces of water and refrigerate for 1 hour


This drink will help with hydration along with providing some extra vitamin C and energy.


I recommend you to get an infuser water bottle. In mine, I add some sliced lemons, cucumbers, 1 inch peeled ginger root, mint leaves and sometimes for added flavor, sliced strawberries and then fill it up with water.


This detox is part of my “Best Ways For Men to Lose Belly Fat” article that you might find interesting.


Golden Latte recipe with Turmeric


Honey Coach website has provided this great recipe for Ginger and Turmeric in a latte. Knowing the benefits from turmeric, this should be a pretty awesome drink.


If you try it before I do, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about it in the comment boxes at the end of this article..


==> Use CAUTION when using Turmeric <==


It will stain fingernails, clothing, towels, dish clothes, counter tops, etc. (pretty much anything it comes in contact with!)



  • 1/2 tsp turmeric (fresh grated or powder)
  • 1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger
  • Pinch of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and cayenne pepper
  • 2-3 peppercorns
  • 2 cups skim milk
  • Natural sweetener such as stevia



Toast the spices in a dry pan over low heat until fragrant or simply add them with the peppercorns to milk in a pot and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 2-3 minutes and strain into 2 cups.


Other Foods to add to Ginger Teas


There are many foods you can also use in your ginger teas and water, although honey, truvia, lemon, and strawberries are my favorite. Here are some more common foods to try:






Devara Garrison

Authors Note

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. Now you known the answers if you had the question; “Will Ginger Help You Lose Weight?”

The answer is yes, ginger can aid in weight loss along with many other benefits.

Please leave your feedback of your thoughts about ginger in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you!




About The Author


I live in North Carolina and I recently graduated in May 2017, from Davidson County Community College with a degree in Network and Cyber Security. I love working on websites and doing research which brings me here. I didn’t know much about fitness and everything involved in it to be fit. I soon realized that being in my 40’s and staying in shape is going to take a lot more work and support. That’s when I decided to build my website around my personal problem areas, with hopes that I will not only get rid of mine, but help others as well.


  1. Rick

    Interesting post about the benefits of ginger I knew that Ginger could aid in digestion but wasn’t aware it was a natural anti-Inflammatory. Like the looks of the Ginger detox using lemon and cucumber, what the heck is an infuser water bottle and what are the benefits of using one?

    • Devara

      Hello Rick,
      I’m glad you found my post about ginger interesting and informative. An infuser water bottle has an extra insert that you can put fruit, ginger, etc. inside of, keeping it separate from the water. They usually also have a strainer that fits on top of it. The biggest purpose of it is to allow the juice to leak out into your water without you getting the seeds or pulp in your mouth when you drink it. They work pretty good. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Best of health,

  2. Mutsumi

    I love love love Ginger and those benefits mentioned in this article are actually accurate and true! I know people in Korea make a very strong ginger tea and drink it to lose weight. I personally use ginger tea for early cold symptoms and in my opinion they work better than Theraflu. I also used to work at a medical office and we always recommended Tumeric for patients with arthritis and joint pain and patients loved it 🙂 Thanks for sharing the benefits of these wonderful natural remedies. They sure deserve to be shared with many 🙂

    • Devara

      Hello Mutsumi,
      I’m so grateful for your feedback and knowledge from your own personal experience with ginger. I personally love the energy ginger provides. I can take a break from my coffee when I add ginger to my water. I had started trying different hot teas and got away from ginger for along time, but now that I know it can help ward off a cold as well as aid in digestion, I plan to take this Turmeric & Ginger supplement everyday! I have been taking Turmeric Plus which provides a lot more turmeric, but I like the thoughts of these two great superfoods being combined in one supplement. I hope I still get the same arthritis pain relief as I did before.
      After I’ve tried it for a month or two, I can share my true experience from taking it. I’m excited to get started on it!
      Please join me here again soon.
      Best of health,

      • Mutsumi

        I honestly feel like Ginger and Tumeric are one of the best natural supplement there is. Taking it daily only provides benefits and never the opposite. If I can lose weight with it too, then that’s even better! lol I will check out the Tumeric liquid also and let you know how I like it. Maybe I can add it to my ginger tea 🙂

        • Devara

          Ginger tea with Turmeric is really good and the effects from it is great! I’m not sure I’ve heard of turmeric liquid before, but I’ll do some research. It might be easier to use than the powder form.

  3. Ellie Fligh

    I am an RN and I have long been a fan of all things ginger. It is a powerful little root that should be part of everyone’s diet! Plus, you can pair a TON of other healthy tidbits with ginger for extra benefit. I have been looking for some new recipes and I’m excited to try the Dragons Breath…yes, I am brave! Have you tried candied ginger? It’s not exactly healthy but it is surely divine!
    Thanks for the great info…I bookmarked for future reference!

    • Devara

      Hello Ellie,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’m sure as an RN you know a lot about supplements and natural herbs that are healthy to include in diets. I love ginger in supplement form or just buying the root and peeling a chunk of it and adding it to my water. It is a great addition to anyone’s daily regime.
      Dragons Breath is pretty awesome and the immediate energy received from it is not like anything else I’ve ever experienced. Thankfully you are one of the “brave” people that can tolerate the taste.
      I haven’t tried candied ginger before. Even though it may not be healthy, it sounds interesting and something I would like to try. I would love to have your recipe if your wouldn’t mind sharing it.
      Thanks for bookmarking my site. If you are ever looking for a great ginger supplement to take, Vita Balance has a few options you may be interested in. Turmeric Plus and Turmeric & Ginger. Both are great products and widely used by thousands of people. Please check out my articles about them.
      Best of health,

  4. Furkan

    I am doing intermittent fasting and want to add ginger to my diet for improving fat results. However is there an ideal time to add it?

    • Devara

      Hello Furkan,
      Drinking ginger tea while fasting seems to be very popular, but the Turmeric & Ginger Supplement by Vita Balance would also be a great addition to your intermittent fasting. It would still provide the many health benefits discussed in this article and should not interfere with your fasting goals.
      Thanks so much for your interest in Ginger and including it in your diet. It’s a great start to a healthier new you!
      Best of health,

      • Furkan

        I think my pre workout shake already included Turmeric but I will give this supplement a shot. I hope it will improve the results.

        • Devara

          I hope you achieve your weight loss goals by including the natural extract of Turmeric & Ginger in pill form to your diet plan. I’ve been taking Turmeric Plus for 3 months and love it. I’m excited to try turmeric and ginger combined since I love them both.
          Best of health,

  5. Lane Onson

    You have me at ginger. I love ginger. I have to do better with consuming it, but a nice cup of ginger tea!!!! Yes.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m gonna make it my business to go to the store (hopefully) tomorrow and get some ginger.

    The thing I like about these articles, etc., is because you show how we can make small changes to long term healthy effects.

    Thanks again.


    • Devara

      Hi Lane,
      So glad to see you back! Ginger root is pretty awesome. I’ve use it many ways and love its effects on me. I being able to inspire others, it’s good to know I’m on the right track. I appreciate your feedback. We all love quick fixes for weight loss and ways to cover up our problem areas, but it’s important that we also know what to do for long term health results as well.
      I hope you have a great day! I enjoyed reading your comment!
      Best of health,

  6. Lane Onson

    BTW, why does the Lemon water and Ginger have to be served cold? Is there a reason for that? The reason that I am asking is because I’d like to have mine warm.


    • Devara

      Thanks for bringing this up! I’ve never really thought about warm versus cold ginger and lemon water or its effects.
      I usually pre-make mine in a gallon jug and just pour me glass or two during the day from the frig.
      Drinking it cold, for me is just simpler to do with my busy schedule.
      But, actually Warm or hot lemon water has a way of helping the body to process food slower. For those trying to lose weight, drinking a warm glass of lemon and ginger water 30 minutes before meals can help your body absorb more of the nutrients from the food you eat.
      I may need to add this information to my article. I appreciate you asking this question.

  7. Ioannis

    I have used ginger to control my asthma without the consumption of medicine. I used to extract it and drink it as a shot without mixing it, as you well advise above. Ginger by itself is in a way spicy in the sense that it leaves you with a “burning” feeling. I was able to stay off the medicine for about 5 months, when the rainy season began and made my condition a little more demanding. The reason I didn’t repeat it later is that the way I was consuming ginger was, as you mention, “for brave soles” and that “kick”, kicked my stomach somewhat. Nevertheless, during the lapse of time that I “took” ginger, I was full of energy and seemed to not get colds so often. Your post revived my interest and I think I will try Dragon’s Breath Ginger Shots and see how different it tastes by adding lemon and cayenne to it. I am also interested in the Golden Latte. Blending it with turmeric sounds very interesting! Thank you for writing this article and reminding me of some good, natural medicine I have abandoned. Cheers!

    • Devara

      Thanks so much for your feedback on how ginger has helped you with your asthma. I’m sorry to hear that it hurt your stomach. You may be interested in taking it in a pill form. (CLICK here for more information) Turmeric and Ginger Extract supplement is 100% natural and safe to consume.
      I’ve also created my own latte which I plan to share soon, consisting of ginger, turmeric, matcha green tea and other ingredients. I’m excited to share my recipe, but still trying to find the right name for it.
      Please check back here soon for that recipe and more articles you may enjoy.
      Best of health,

  8. Theresa

    Wow, this is great! The only time I buy ginger is when I make a creamy carrot soup that I like. I never know what to do with the leftover ginger and I usually end up throwing it away. Now I have plenty of options. I knew about ginger being an antioxidant but I wasn’t aware that there are so many other benefits. Thanks for the information! Theresa

    • Devara

      Hello Theresa,
      I’m so glad you know that there are other options for using ginger. It’s great in water with lemon, smoothies, hot teas; try Turmeric and Ginger tea with honey.
      Ginger is very beneficial for you in so many different ways.
      Thanks for your thoughts!
      Best of health,


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