If you overindulged during the holiday, you may be feeling pretty blah this week. Some people may experience shame or regret if they've been holding to a or lifestyle and “fall off the wagon”. But those are unhelpful and can become an excuse to keep making choice we otherwise wouldn't make. Here are our helpful on recalibrating and resetting after the holiday.



Decide that you're recommitting to your healthy choices. Write it down, say it out loud and start now.


Avoid Overcompensating

Don't get restrictive after holiday indulgences. It's fine to cut the and focus on nutrient dense meals, but excessively restricting calories can lead to an unhealthy cycle of binging.


Growth Mindset

Let go of feelings of shame or regret. Instead, reflect on what influenced your holiday choices and figure out what will help keep you on next time. This is a learning opportunity for you to discover what works and what doesn't.


Jump Back In

Jump back into your routine as soon as possible. Get back to your exercise routine and get those feel-good chemicals flowing in your body. Get back to the healthy that make you feel good inside and out. Get back to your sleep routine and give your body the break it needs to repair and heal itself.



Get back into meal prepping to help you stick to your dietary choices and pack your plates with lots of veggies to make up for the less nutrient-dense foods you may have consumed over the holidays.


Increase Your Water Intake

Get back into the habit of drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy. Ditch the carbonated drinks and nourish your system. Drinking water will also help offset the excess sodium that comes with a lot of holiday dinner staples.